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Pump and Piping Systems Design

  • Pumps
    • Centrifugal and positive displacement – The simplicity and energy efficiency of centrifugal pumps has made them the workhorses of the chemical process industry for moving fluids. Sometimes positive displacement pumps are a better choice such as for metering treatment chemicals and for pumping thixotropic fluids.
    • Constant speed and variable speed – If the flow rate and back pressure in a pumping system are relatively constant, a single speed pump is often the best choice because of simplicity. If system rates and pressures vary widely, the higher up front cost and power losses of a variable frequency drive are usually offset by avoiding wasting power across a control valve.
  • Piping
    • Pipe sizing – Pipe sizing is a matter of balancing the initial cost of installing a pipeline with the cost of operating it and in some cases, with keeping solids in suspension. Modern simulation software packages incorporate the classic Crane methods and two- phase flow calculation techniques.
    • Pressure and heat transfer calculations – Pressure drop and temperature changes are important considerations for pipelines in an industrial plant and for buried pipelines. The appropriate diameter, fittings, and insulation can be selected quickly by adding pipeline unit operations to a simulation when the pumps and other major equipment are being designed.
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