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Pilot and Market Development Plant Design and Operation

  • Ion Exchange – Testing of actual process streams at small scale can identify problems, like iron fouling, before a full scale process is designed and installed.
  • Heat Transfer – Corrosion and fouling issues can be studied and solved before design commitments are made for a full sized process.
  • Settling and Filtration – Small particles often flocculate over time; testing of a process stream in the production plant gives more useful results than shipping a sample to an equipment vendor.
  • Disc Pelletizing and Drying – A 3 foot diameter pelletizer will produce information that can be scaled-up to a much larger system. Different binders and drying methods can be tested at small scale to define materials of construction needed and likely operating costs.
  • Breakpoint Chlorination – Breakpoint chlorination with either bleach or gaseous chlorine can be used to destroy ammonia in process streams. Pilot testing can determine the kinetics of the reactions for the process stream being studied.
  • Reactive Crystallization – Pilot testing of reactive crystallization to produce inorganic compounds can alert a project team to problems which may occur at larger scale such as build-up of oversize particles, coating of the crystallization reactor, and improper feed pipe location.
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