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Disc Agglomeration Design

  • Binder Selection
    • Adhesive binding – Adhesive binding with sticky liquids like lignin or molasses is a common way to bind particles together. The pellets formed in the disc pelletizer gain strength as they are dried.
    • Reactive binding – Using a chemical reaction to bind particles together is one way to build strength in pellets while they are still wet. One example is combining calcium ions and sulfate ions in the pelletizer feed to form calcium sulfate crystals that cement particles together.
  • Equipment Selection
    • Binder, solids blending and conditioning – Complete mixing of the solids, binder, and wetting liquid is important for the production of uniform pellets. Elapsed time from initial mixing to pelletizing is important for reactive binders.
    • Disc sizing, feed and spray arrangement – The size of pellets produced by a disc pelletizer depend on several factors including pelletizer depth, pan angle, feed location, and spray location.
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